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For Sale, Production Hall 22 847 m2, Land Area 28 171 m2, Vrbové, Piešťany


Cena:3 060 000 EUR
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Poznámka k cene:The price is without VAT
Číslo zákazky:REALITYMIX-113-N00343
Celková plocha:22847 m2
Počet poschodí:4
Druh objektu:zmiešaná
Stav objektu:pred rekonštrukciou
Účel budovy:Priemyslový areál
Umiestnenie objektu:kľudná časť obce
Doprava:vlak; diaľnica; cesta; autobus

RE/MAX Real Estate offers for sale the production and storage hall with a gate house in a town Vrbové, region Piešťany.
Together with the above mentioned buildings are also for sal e 4 parcels of land for recreational purposes near to the lake Čerenec, Vrbové.
Built area of the hall: 11 004 m2
Yard around the hall: 9 425 m2
Parking area: 5 399 m2 (outside the fenced area)
Gate house: 302 m2
Recreational land: 2 041 m2 (the design of the cottages placement is at
disposal in 2 variants)
LAND TOTAL: 28 171 m2
Number of floors: 5 (ground floor + 4 floors)
Useful area: 22 847,50 m2, out of which:
Groundfloor: 10 160,80 m2 (production, storage areas, work-rooms)
1. floor: 1 840,00 m2 (dressing rooms, buffet, sanitary facility)
2. floor: 9 091,60 m2 (production, storage areas, work-room,
the crane with a demountable floor to pull up machines from
the ground floor)
3. floor: 1 755,10 m2 (dressing rooms, sanitary facility)
4. floor: air conditioning (in original condition)
It is a 40-year old production hall and a gate house in original condition.
Reconstruction of a hall: 2001 a roof, 2006 new loading ramps (4x electrical rolling gate, 3x mechanical)
Construction of a hall: steel, siporex panels
Floor coverage: production spaces - original wooden parquets
storage spaces - concrete
staircase, dressing rooms - linoleum
Walls: original cement facing
Windows: original aluminium, with blinds (jalousie)
Ceilings: steel plate and concrete slabs. There is an original air-conditioning,
water and electricity distribution in the ceilings.
Gas: gas distribution is around external walls of a production hall
Floor load: up to 400 kg/m2 according to original standards from 1978
Goods-lift inside a hall: 3 pieces with a load capacity up to 3,2 tons
The inner height of the production area inside the hall is ca 3,5 meters
The panel road around the hall.
Parking: 11 parkings next to the hall. There is also possibility to create a parking area on the parcel outside the fenced area (5 399 m2).
1-floor building
Construction: steel skeleton + brick, aluminium windows, Fatrafol roof
Heating: hot water heating (it is necessary to build its own boiler room)
All area is fenced (wire netting). There are other 2 companies inside the area.
There is a fire main within the area.
Rain water and waste water canalisation.
The production hall has its own gas connection.
The new owner has to connect the hall and a gate house on gas and electricity.
(The whole energetic and gas system is in ownership of another company in the area).
- for textile production (the hall was used by a textile producer)
- for suppliers of components for automobile industry (eg. cables for car engines, car seats production, etc.)
- or for other industries.
The production hall is located directly in Vrbové (11 km from Piešťany with a direct connection to a highway).
Area has a perfect strategic position with these distances:
Vrbové - Industrial Park, Krakovany (Stürm, KAISER, Inalfa): 2 km
Vrbové - Horná Streda, Porsche intends to build a new production hall: 18 km
Vrbové - PSA Peugeot Citroen, Zavar (near to Trnava): 37 km
Vrbové - Jaguar Land Rover, Nitra-Lužianky: 51 km
Vrbové - Lozorno, Industrial Park: 78 km
Vrbové - Bratislava, Air-port M.R.Štefánika: 82 km
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(this insertion is made in two languages - English and Slovak)

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